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Image masking can be extremely useful in your photography business and eCommerce sales! You may need to remove the unwanted object or background from the subject before posting or sharing your photos online. Image masking is required in this situation. Photo masking is a popular and simple Adobe Photoshop technique. However, this is a time-consuming task. You may not have enough time as a professional photographer to do photo masking for your hundreds of images.
With their expert hands, Clipping Pix can save you valuable time on image masking services. We have a smart production team of 75+ professionals who can do image masking for background removal in order to get a transparent background, white background, or background replacement in the time frame you specify!
If you need to mask a large number of images quickly, simply send them to us and relax! We’ll take care of the rest. Every day, our Photoshop experts can perform 1000+ image masking to remove your image background.

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Jonathon Ricks’s” Shoe Photoshoot on January 2023

Richard Parker’s” Baby Rompers Photoshoot on February 2023

Richard Parker’s” Baby Half Pant Photoshoot on February 2023

Services We Offer

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Clipping Path Service

A clipping path is a technique used in the image processing industry to separate an object from its background. Using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, we can cut a picture out of its background by drawing paths around it. After carefully outlining the image, everything within the path is kept, while the elements outside the path are deleted and replaced with a white or another background.

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Background Remove Service

Background removal service is a technique that uses the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop to remove the entire background or some unwanted portions of an image. This method is similar to using scissors to cut photos from magazine pages. The Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop is used to cut the outline areas of an image and to add a white, transparent, or another background to the image.

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Image Masking Service

Image masking is a technique for removing an object from a photograph that has blurred/fuzzy edges. Using masks in photo editing allows us to keep portions of an image that we like while changing aspects of the rest of the image. In Adobe Photoshop Photo Masking is simply the addition of a mask or shield to a unique photograph. When the clipping path fails, this technique is used.

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Drop Shadow Service

In general, the shadow is the light grey or dark black color seen beneath product or object photographs. Drop shadow gives the object the appearance of being slightly raised above the background, almost floating. In Adobe Photoshop the drop shadow effect is a visual effect in graphic design that consists of a drawing element that looks like an object’s shadow, giving the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it. Drop shadow is required for a realistic appearance.

photo retouching sample

Photo Retouching Service

To improve their business, product photographers, online retailers, graphic designers, advertising firms, printing companies, photo studios, catalog companies, website developers, and others require clipping path/background removal services. To sell online, you must post product images on his website. As a result, he requires the services of a photographer to photograph and edit his product images in an appealing manner that will benefit their business.

Image manipulation sample

Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation is the process of transforming or altering a photograph to achieve the desired results. Some photo manipulations are considered art depending on the application and intent. Whether your photo was taken in a dusty environment or in poor color, it can be transformed into a nice and appealing look that is really great! A variety of software applications are available for digital manipulators. Image Manipulation can be done by Adobe Photoshop.

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You can edit your RAW images in just four steps! Send us your sample images and instructions. We will review your images and provide you with a detailed quote. After that, you accept our quote and upload your images to our server. Following that, we will begin production and deliver your images on time. Only after you have received a satisfactory delivery do you pay!

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You upload your images to our server for editing after you approve our quotation.

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We Offer

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Adobe Photoshop

We use Adobe Photoshop to manually edit your images with an expert hand. They are true professionals when it comes to image editing software. To remove the background, our Photoshop experts draw a clipping path. We use this type of professional software to ensure highest possible production quality.

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Online Payment

We do not compromise on security when it comes to money. We accept all kinds of Mastercard, Visa cards, Paypal, Payoneer, and the most popular online payment platform “Paypal”. When you pay with a bank card or PayPal, we guarantee that your money is in your possession and your account is secure hand by our side.

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Google Drive

To send your images, you’ll need a platform where you can upload and download them. Clipping Pix provides the fastest and safest cloud file sharing and storage platform, ‘Google Drive,’ as your file upload/download platform. We use the best-existing system to make our system more efficient and time-saving.

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To send your images, you’ll need a platform that allows you to upload and download them. Clipping Pix provides the fastest and most secure cloud file sharing and storage platform, ‘DropBox,’ as your file upload/download platform. We use the most advanced system available to make our system more efficient and time-saving.

Our Sample Works

Drop Shadow Sample
Drop Shadow Sample
Drop Shadow Sample Image
Clipping Path Sample Image

Why choose Clipping

  • Best Quality

    When this is the matter of quality, we say “Quality is in our top priority”, because quality simply cannot be compromised. We control the image post-production quality in several steps. You can rely on our expert team. Use “Free Quote” to get a completed sample image.

  • Best Price!

    Comparing other companies, we are offering you the image editing services at the cheapest price. Our price starts at 0.39$ only! Our expert team and work efficiency environment makes our company more productive. So, we can offer you the cheapest price.

  • Delivery on Time

    We understand how important it is to deliver your edited images on time. You can just relax because our huge production capability ensures your images are edited and uploaded on time!

  • Expert Team

    We have 75+ graphic designers who are highly expert in Adobe Photoshop. We recruit our employees by interviewing their skills in Photoshop. We have also an internal training system to improve the expertness of our team. They are highly professional in image editing services.

  • Bulk Discount

    Probably we are the only company who is offering you up to 50% discount on the number of images. If you have bulk of images to be edited then you are in the right place. Use “Free Quote” to know how much discount is waiting for you!

  • After Pay

    This is great news for you that you don’t have to expend a single penny before you get your completed images. Once you receive your completed images only then you pay for our satisfied service. So don’t worry about payment just place an order and get your job done.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    You don’t have to make any payment before you get your all completed images. Pay after satisfied delivery. However, we are offering 100% money-back guarantee to ensure that your money is not gone even when you already paid us.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    When we get a message from you, our customer support team will contact you in less than 60 minutes. Whenever it is morning or night, our customer support team is live. We ensure strong communication to make sure you are connected!

  • Fastest File Sharing

    We found “Dropbox” as our file sharing platform which is capable of high-speed uploading and downloading. Dropbox is also popular among photographers. So, we offer you “Dropbox” to upload and download your images.

  • Efficient Work Strategy

    Our business infrastructure is highly adaptable with the modern technology. From placing an order to deliver images we use the latest technologies. Our work strategy is so much work efficient that we can produce high-quality images with cheap price and short time.

About Us

Clipping Path Work
Clipping is a photo editing service provider that operates online! Clipping Path Service, Photo Masking Service, Drop Shadow Service, Photo Retouching Service, and all other Adobe Photoshop Services are among our most popular. We basically outsource your image post-production to an experienced production team, and we have over 7 years of experience doing this with 75+ Adobe Photoshop professionals. Over 1200 customers have expressed satisfaction with our dedicated photo editing team.
We do Ecommerce photo editing, Studio photo editing, Sports photo editing, and a variety of other services. The majority of our clients are photographers and online sellers. Our high-quality production and on-time delivery make our clients eager to continue working with us. We can deliver your edited image within 24-48 hours, even if you have thousands of images!



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