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Who We Are?

Clipping Pix.com is an online based photo editing company! Our most popular services are Clipping Path Service, Photo Masking Service, Drop Shadow Service and Photo Retouching Service, and all other Adobe Photoshop Services. We basically outsource image post-production with an experienced production team. This is to say, we have over 7 years of experience in doing this photo editing services with 70+ Adobe Photoshop professionals. Over 1200+ customers are happy with our dedicated team for doing their photo editing services.

We do Ecommerce photo editing Studio photo editing Sports photo editing and much more. Most of our clients are Photographers and ecommerce sellers. This is to say, our high-quality photo production and delivery on time make our clients happy to work with us. In addition, whether you have thousands of images, our photo editing company can deliver your edited image back with 24-48 hours! Most importantly, we have a Customer Support team who are 24/7 Live to assist you with your image processing.

About Us Clipping Pix.com

Our Approach

We are proud to be a part of the image processing industry. Firstly, We think our passion for the work took us to the right profession. Secondly, our vision is to be the largest company not only in Asia but also all over the world. Moreover, we understand the power of outsourcing and we really want to contribute a lot to this industry. Lastly, our strength keeps our customers satisfied.

Our Story

Suddenly in 2012, we realized the power of outsourcing. As a local photo editing company, we have thought that there might be thousands of people online looking for Adobe Photoshop services. So, we came online in 2012 to give photo editing services. However, our first target was to expand our services to the whole world. Therefore, we got a tremendous response for image editing services. So, we never had to look back and our company started to grow very fast.

We started our company with 12 designers and now the amount of employees is 70+. Our employees are divided into small teams. Each team has a team leader and a group of photoshop experts. For example, each team has 1 leader and 10 photoshop experts. Meanwhile, we have a smart customer support team for supporting our valuable clients. In short, a smart team and the latest business policy made our company successful.

Meet our Team

Arian Rahman Clipping pix CEO

Md Arian Rahman

Chief. Exe. Officer (CEO)
Clipping Pix.com
[email protected]
Shanta Rahman Clipping Pix COO

Shanta Rahman

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Clipping Pix.com
[email protected]
Imran Rakib Chief. Exe. Marketing Department Clipping Pix.com

Md Manjur Hussain

Chief. Exe. Officer Marketing Department
Clipping Pix.com
[email protected]

Our Social Activities

  • Make donation every year among the poor people

  • Creating a huge employment to financially support people

  • Yearly campaign for social, economical and health awareness

  • Activities for the orphans and senior citizen

  • Donation Campaign for Flooded Pleople

  • Donation in Health Sector

  • Charity Food Program for Homeless People

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