Amazon Photo Requirements: Top 5 Product Photography Tips for Amazon Seller!

this image shows Amazon photo requirements

There are over 3 millions people using Amazon for selling their products in USA. As a result, the Amazon seller sells their product all over the world.  Though there are millions of buyer in the market but the competition is still high because of the number of sellers. Most importantly, veryday new sellers are being added in the Amazon site for selling their products. To sustain in the market you should follow some requirements to increase your selling in Therefore, Amazon photo requirements is the first thing to consider for online selling. People buy a product relaying on the images they can view. So, product photography is very important here and you should follow some techniques to shoot your products for Amazon posting. Here are some product photography tips for Amazon sellers_

  1. Amazon Product Image Requirements
  2. Shoot the photos in high resolution and professional looks
  3. Keep the Backgrounds white or transparent for the main product variant.
  4. Include Important Informations about your product
  5. Outsource your amazon product photo editing

Amazon Product Image Requirements

Keep in mind some technical sides about Amazon photo requirements before posting your photos in your Amazon eCommerce site. You cannot simply post your photos ignoring the requirements from Amazon. If you do so, your images may not get approval from the Amazon. Firstly, the image formate, image size and quality should be considered. Here are the most important  image requirements from Amazon_

Image formate: JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) , PNG (.png), GIF (.gif) or TIFF (.tif/.tiff)

Image Size: The minimum size is 1000px. But Amazon preffers 2560px*1001px.

Background Color: Preferred background color is pure white or transparent background. Any colorful background is not allowed.

Image Frame: The product should fill out 85% of its entire background.

Image Color Mode: RGB or CMYK

Don’t List:

– Do not use any watermark, logo, text or any kind of design in your photos.

– Do not use any other formate rather than JPEG, PNG, Gif or TIFF

– Do not use less that 1000px photos (For an example  300px*200px)

– Do not use any colorful background

You can also find the Amazon photo requirements in Amazon official site. Here are additional resources from Amazon_ Product Image Requirements

You may need to remove your image background to make it white or transparent. Clipping offers these kind of image editing services that fulfils the Amazon photo requirements. You can get a quotation pricing for your all images post production for free.

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Shoot the photos in high resolution and professional looks

Use a high resolution DSLR camera to shoot your product photos. In that case, you can hire a professional photography company and they can shoot your product photos following the Amazon photo requirements. As a result, you will get a high resolution photo. As a result that will help you for your Amazon product listing. The image must be a professional photograph taken in the studio. For example_ shoe, bag, watch etc. being shoot in the green screen or white screen. Do not use any image editing tool to create your artificial product image. However, drawings or illustrations of the product aren’t accepted in Amazon. The image needs to be in-focus and look professionally lit. Most imporatntly, product photos needs to contain realistic colors and look like what you’re selling, you should not shoot the photos in a different color which may changes the entire product outlook.

The another important fact that you should keep in mind that the image can’t contain additional objects that are confusing. For example, you are selling shoes in your seller account. So any other object like pant, socks should not appear or focused in the main image. Because the customer may get confused while looking at your product image and it conflicts with Amazon photo requirements.

The full product needs to appear in the frame and it should adhere 85% of the entire frame. You can use multiple images for showing up your product and the close-up images are allowed. You can have environments in the background, or show the product in use but do not show any other objects that may confuse a buyer.

standard photo for Amazon photo requirements
standard photo for Amazon photo requirements

Keep the Backgrounds white or transparent for the main product variant.

In the world of product photography, white background is probably the most used background amongst eCommerce sites. It is usually the go-to background for all. White as a background color emphasizes clarity and removes visual obstacles and clutter in today’s trending use. White background as a product background is accepted by all kind of people all over the world and it is one of the most imporatant Amazon photo requirements.

The hue is used to add visual emphasis to other important parts of the design – color, text or images – and is frequently part of an overall visual aesthetic that is simply designed and minimalistic.

Why white background is so important?

Highlights the product: For any image, it is important for the product to be the focal point. Using white background means you’re able to present your products with accurate photos from the quality to details with the least or no distractions. So your images are automatically highlighted because of the white background.

Encourages Consistency: Using white background for all products ensures consistency. This makes customers feel that you’re professional and increases trust that leads to an online user to purchase your product. If you use different types of background color, It is too confusing and distracting  with variety of lighting and angles for the buyer and you may lose your selling.

white background is an Amazon photo requirements

Include Important details about your product

You can include the product details in the image. This may help your site visitor to make a decision of making a purchase. Product details are important part in the Amazon and for the buyer. A visitor must see the details about the product before actually buying it and you can show them up through your images. Here are example how you can add product details in your images_

product details on the photo for amazon photo lising

Outsource your amazon product photo editing

Outsourcing can be smart way to do your amazon photo editing. If you are too worried about the photos you are going to post in amazon then you can leave your photos in some expert hand like Clipping and can get relax! They know how to edit your product photos for amazon posting.

Outsourcing your image editing can save your valuable time that you can use for concentrating on some other parts of your business to increase your online selling. There are hundreds of image editing company available online for outsourcing your image editing. Not all of them are professionals but many of them have great experience of doing this job. Clipping has over 7 years of experience on editing amazon product photos. They know the amazon photo requirements and techniques that may really help you to do your amazon selling.

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