Clipping Path Service Vs. Photo Masking Service!

Clipping Path Vs. Photo Masking (Main)

What is Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path is a technique, used in the field of image processing industry to cut out the required object from its background. The uses of pen tool in Adobe Photoshop allows us to cut out a picture from its background by drawing paths around it. After carefully outlining the image, everything within the path is retained while the elements outside are deleted and replace with white background or any other background.

The best example is cutting photos out of a magazine—removing the background so only the subject is left in the picture. This technique also allows to save the image file as PNG Transparent Background which may allow you to use your photo in different platforms. Removing background can be done by some automation softwares available online but this will not help you to get a perfect eye catching image. So our adobe photoshop experts use pen tool in photoshop to remove photo background to get a fine detailed output.

Clipping Path Sample

Clipping Path Sample Image

What is Image Masking Service?

Image masking is an image processing technique that allows us to remove the non required object from a photo, which photographs have blurred/fuzzy edges, transparent or hair portions. Add masks in photo editing allows us to preserve portions of an image that we are satisfied with whilst simultaneously altering aspects of the rest of the image. Photo Masking Service simply adds a mask or a shield to the unique photo. This technique is applied when clipping path technique doesn’t provide the desired accuracy. Human hair, feather, and smoke are few examples where image masking tactic is applied. It is a non-destructive process of image editing.

photo masking sample

Photo Masking Sample Image

Tools for Clipping Path & Photo Masking

Photo Masking Tools

You can do photo masking for hair/blurry edges using many different kinds of techniques in Adobe Photoshop. We typically use Quick Selection tool to select the major portions of the object and then we use Background Eraser Tool to get the best result.

Clipping Path Tools

To make a hand-drawn clipping path we must use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop.

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