How to Outsource Product Photo Editing

Outsource photo editing

Photography is a busy profession. Arranging the products and shoot them in different angels can take a long time. Though you are a photographer you may need to involve some other part of your business. Whatever you are the only person to run your photography business or work with a team, the workload on you should be considerable. 

Right after all those photoshoot workloads you also may need to do product photo editing before submitting to your clients. That is so horrible, right? But there is a solution for decreasing your workloads. You can outsource your product photo editing and stay focused with your photography business.

In this tutorial, I will tell you_

  1. Choosing your product photo editing partner 
  2. Defining the editing services you need
  3. Set pricing for your project
  4. Get your edited images

If you are planning to outsourcing your product photo editing services, you are in your perfect decision. Outsourcing product photo editing is not giving up your job, this allows you be more focused on your photography business. To get started first you need to set a plan on when you will upload your RAW images, how many images you have, when do you need them back and how you are going to pay your product photo editing partner.

Choosing Your Product Photo Editing Partner 

The first thing you can do for finding your photo editing partner is searching in Google. You will find lots of companies that are offering photo editing services online. But all of the companies are not professionals. You can use their “Get Quote” to know their editing quality as well as the pricing. 

If you are looking for a recommended company from me, I will recommend Clipping They have over 7 years of experience in outsourcing product photo editing. You can get a free sample image for free. Here is the website link_

Clipping Logo

Defining The Editing Services You May Need

Once you have determined with whom you are going to work with, now it’s time to know which services you need for your images. There are several services available for editing a photo. The most popular photo editing services are_

Clipping Path Service

Background Removal Service

Photo Masking Service

Drop Shadow Service

Photo Manipulation Service

Photo Retouching Service 

If you need Background Removal for your images to make it the white background or transparent background, you can choose Clipping Path Services or Photo Masking Service if you have fuzzy or blurred edges in your photos. If you need natural shadow in your photo, you can choose Drop Shadow Service. If you want to remove dust from your images you can choose Photo Retouching Service and if you need neck joint service or want any manipulation with your photo, you can choose Photo Manipulation Service. 

Get Quotation Pricing For Your Project

Now you know which services you may need for your images post-production and also you know the best company for working with your images. After that, It’s time to get a quotation from your chosen company for your image editing services. The price may vary depending on the services you may need. The photo editing companies offer pricing calculating the complexity of your job. They calculate the image editing complexity depending on the time it takes to edit a whole image. 

Which image takes up-to 10 minutes to edit, they define that images as simple images and charge for simple image editing. Having some curves, anchor points and wholes makes images more complex to edit and it takes around 10-20 minutes or even more to remove background each image. In this case, they define these images as medium complex images and charge different pricing.

In most photo editing company website you will find the “GET QUOTE” button. You can submit your one or two sample images and instructions to get the pricing for your whole project. Usually, they replay the quotation pricing within 24 hours. You can also claim a Free sample image to know the quality of the image editing. 

Get Back Your Edited Images & Pay

Once you are satisfied with the pricing and the quality, you can submit your order following their Order Now button. Most of the websites you will find the “Order Now” button in the header menu. You can go to the Order page and can submit your images, instructions and chose turnaround time. They will process your images following your instructions and will return the edited images by your desired time. Most of the photo editing company use Dropbox and Google Drive as a Cloud platform to return back your completed images. Once you receive all your completed images you can then pay via Paypal or MasterCard. That is very simple, right? 

Do You Need Image Editing Services

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