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Most Amazon buyers like to see the product photos on white background. But making a white background is not so much an easy job! You need to do a clipping path in adobe photoshop to remove the photo background and replace it with a white background. If you are planning to do this photo post-processing, this can hamper your business a lot or you may not have enough time to do all these jobs. That is why our expert photoshop team is ready to do the clipping path for making your photo white/Transparent background.
The world is getting smarter using the latest technologies and outsourcing become one of the important issues in our business tradition. Outsourcing your clipping path service can save a lot of time and it gives the ability to do more in less time. For selling online, a white background image of a product can contribute a huge impact on your eCommerce business.
Clipping offers clipping path services at an Affordable price! Our employees are highly trained and experienced in doing clipping path services using Adobe Photoshop for the last few years. Our production department ensures the highest quality of editing service with minimum errors. We understand how important it is to maintain the quality and turnaround time.
Clipping Path Sample

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Clipping Path Samples

Clipping Path Samples- 1 (Clipping Pix)
Clipping Path Samples- 2 (Clipping Pix)
Clipping Path Samples- 3 (Clipping Pix)
Clipping Path Samples- 4 (Clipping Pix)
Clipping Path Samples
Clipping Path Samples

Why you choose Clipping

Customer Satisfiction- Clipping


Clipping paths done with poor quality and no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand. Our business is built upon excellent clipping path services that convert consumers and impress clients.

Delivery on Time- Clipping


If you don’t have any time to spare, we’ll help you meet your tightest deadlines. We’ll provide fast quotes, speedy customer service and quick results. In fact, we deliver a quote for every project in 45 minutes or less.

Best Pricing- Clipping


Affordable clipping path services are what we’re known for, but that doesn’t mean our quality suffers. Whether you have one photo or a batch of thousands, you’ll have no trouble fitting our services in your budget.

Our Clipping Path Service Pricing

Category- 01:

clipping path sample shoe

# Estimated working time: up to 10 minutes

# Resulation: 0<5,000 # Quantity:

1-50 images= $0.99

51-100 images=$0.79

101-200 images=$0.49

200++= $0.39

Category- 02:

# Estimated working time: 10-20  minutes

# Resulation: 0<5,000 # Quantity:

1-100 images= $1.99

101-200 images=$1.49

200++= $0.99

clipping path sample bed

Category- 03:

Clipping Path Sample Food Image

# Estimated working time: 20-30 minutes

# Resulation: 0<5,000 # Quantity:

1-100 images= $2.99

101-200 images=$1.99

201-500= $1.49


Category- 04:

# Estimated working time: 30-60  minutes

# Resulation: 0<5,000 # Quantity:

1-100 images= $4.99

101-200 images=$3.49

200++= $2.99

clipping path sample image bicycle

More about clipping path services

What is Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path is a technique, used in the field of image processing industry to cut out the required object from its background. The use of the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop allows us to cut out a picture from its background by drawing paths around it. After carefully outlining the image, everything within the path is retained while the elements outside are deleted and replaced with a white background or any other background.
The best example is cutting photos out of a magazine—removing the background so only the subject is left in the picture. This technique also allows saving the image file as PNG Transparent Background which may allow you to use your photo on different platforms. Removing background can be done by some automation software available online but this will not help you to get a perfect eye-catching image. So our adobe photoshop experts use the pen tool in photoshop to remove the photo background to get a finely detailed output.

How we calculate the complexity of the Clipping Path service

Simple Image

Simple clipping path simply crops the image from its layout with a perfect edge. We calculate the image editing complexity depending on the time it takes to edit a whole image. Which image takes up-to 10 minutes to edit, we define that images as simple images and we do charge for simple image editing. The more edges of the image the more anchor point to be created to cut out an image from its background.

simple image product clipping path sample before after image

Complex Image

Medium Complex Clipping Path Service is applied to crop out background from an image that needs more effort than a Simple image. Having some curves, anchor points and wholes makes images more complex to edit and it takes around 10-15 minutes to remove background each image. In this case, we define these images as a medium complex image and we charge different pricing.

Clipping Path Medium Complex Sample Image

Super Complex Image

The complex clipping path removes the background from images with complex shapes and multi curves. A complex image is a mixture of variant compound shapes and simple shapes with a number of holes, transparency, and a closed path. The best example of a super complex image is a detailed Chain photo (Jewellery Item). This kind of image takes over 30 minutes to edit each.

Basic Clipping Path Vs. Multi-Path

Sometimes clipping paths can be very easy to do and sometimes it can be the toughest job. Actually, how did that happen? The image in which the object has very less edges needs less time to draw a clipping path around all edges. On the other side, the image has multiple products and needs to be cut out it will take a longer time to cut all the images. Here is the big difference because time matters!

simple clipping path cup white background sample image

Basic Clipping Path

As we see in the image there are some cups in one set. This image has around 20-30 edges and it will take 5-10 minutes to do the clipping path. So we define this clipping path service as a basic clipping path.


As we see in this picture, there are multiple products in the image. To cut out all of these objects from the background we need to do the clipping path for each object. As we are doing clipping paths for multiple products so we call it multipath. Multi-Path takes a longer time than the basic clipping path and we charge a bit higher price as this is a time-consuming job!

Multiple Products Clipping Path before after sample

Who uses the clipping path service?

Basically, Product photographers, online retailers, Graphic designers, advertising farms, printing companies, photo studios, catalog companies, magazines, website developer, etc. need clipping path/background remove service to enhance their business. As an example, an online retailer needs to post his product images on his website to sell online. So, he needs a photographer to photograph and edit his product images in an attractive look that enhances their business. When the photograph is finished he needs to edit the images. But he may not have enough time to edit that large amount of images.  The online retailer can take our clipping path services or the photographer can use our service to save time and money.

How do we do clipping path?

Clipping path/Background removal also known as foreground detection is a technique in the field of image processing. This service is a widely used approach for further using the image on different platforms for different purposes.
Our Adobe Photoshop professionals use the “Pen Tool” to cut out an image from its background. It is a step-by-step process to get a completed image. Using the pen tool, experts draw a handmade path around the required object from the basic image. When the designer draws a clipping path, many anchor point has been created which late gives an accurate shape of the required image. Depending on image resolution and quality, designers draw these anchor points by zooming in on the image 200%-300%.
Once the drawing is completed the designer selects the whole object by using the selecting tool. Then they deselect the object and delete it. After that, they save the file in both.JPG and.PNG format.
Though there are some other similar types of image editing software available in the market to remove background, we do prefer a handmade clipping path because only a handmade clipping path can give an accurate result. Clipping Pix ensure you our expert production team does not use any “Magic Tool” to edit your image in a shortcut way.

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