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Image manipulation, is an art form of optimizing images. Image manipulation also known as, image editing, which is a buzzword in this 21st century. Images are  not being used directly after taking the photograph. Pictures are optimized and retouched before actually being printed or published to increase the engagement of the audience. Image manipulation service is one of the most creative and innovative image editing service that involves a numerous techniques. The techniques involve taking one part of an image and blending it into another. The intention is to convert an ordinary image into something eye-popping and professional. Image manipulation service add values to an image with finished composition, which is seamless and looks natural-uniting the best qualities of each picture.

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Neck Joint

Neck Joint Service is especially used for clothing related products. This service is one of the most popular product image editing technique to clothing industry.  By applying the latest image editing software this service removes the model or mannequin from the image of fashion product thus product image holding it’s shape appropriately with perfect dimension which provides image natural look. As it is a complex image editing process, it requires diligent attention to detail.


Image Retouching service is the best option to resolve the flaws of photos while it can’t be possible to avoid those flaws in photography.This service is used for crystalline, brightness, glamour,glassiness, sharpness etc.
This service modifies an image with variant processes. It depends on picture demand. Almost every sphere of photography Image retouching must be required to blend perfection in image.
we serve this service with our expert hands and prepare perfect image for you.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin service is literally used for fashion retailers. This service is worthy option to showcase apparels. Mannequins are used to create 3D effect of fashion apparels and jewelries.Ghost mannequin service dispels the mannequin from the inner part of garments. Only product will be visible which looks more attractive. Ghost Mannequin service gives product right dimension that gives idea to customer how it looks like while wearing the product.

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More About Image Manipulation Service

Who need Image Manipulation service?

Basically Product photographer, online retailer, Graphic designer, advertising farm, printing company, photo studio, catalog company, magazine, website developer etc. need image manipulation service to enhance their business. For an example, an online retailer need to post his products images on his website to sell online. So, he needs a photographer to photograph and edit his product images in attractive look that enhance their business. When the photograph is finished he needs to edit the images. But he may not have enough time to edit those large amount of images.  The online retailer can take our image manipulation service or the photographer can use our service to save time and money.

More about image manipulation:

Image manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some image manipulations are considered skillful artwork. Depending on the application and intent, some photo manipulations are considered as art form because it involves the creation of unique images and in some instances. Either your photo has been taken in dusty location or poor in poor color, your image can be manipulated to nice and attractive looking that will really help your business growth. There are a number of software applications available for digital manipulator.

The term image editing encompasses everything that can be done to a photo, whether the image is too bad or poor color. Image manipulation is often much more explicit that subtle alterations to color balance or contrast and may involve overlying a head onto a different body or changing a sign’s text.

Adobe Photoshop can be used to apply effects and warp an image until the desired result is achieved. The resulting image may have little or no resemblance to the photo from which it originated. Today photo manipulation is widely accepted as an art form.

Types of image manipulation:

  1. Technical Retouching
  2. Creative retouching

Neck-joint Service:

One popular option would be image neck-joint. As stated above, this is the removal of mannequins, bodies, and other objects from the clothes. When you go to an online store that shows the clothes themselves, but no one or nothing is wearing them, they used the skills of mannequin remove services. This allowed them to focus on the clothes rather than anything else. When customers are visiting the site, they will only see the shirt, jacket, pants, or other item that was worn. When you have models you do not want in shots or when you do not want anything taking away from the product, this service is your best investment.

A mannequin remove can up your profits and popularity. While it will not improve the products themselves, it does attract more attention for the clothes. When you have someone or something wearing them, there may be distractions. This can lead to people not focusing entirely on what they are shopping, which can lose you customers. It is a simple change that can make a phenomenal difference.

There is also the fact that the clothes are more attractive in general. If you have a model who is overly hairy or who has a feature that might be more powerful in the image than the product is, you are going to want that gone. This takes them out without negatively affecting the product’s image. This service includes supporting area of image editing alike clipping path/depth , background remove and image retouching services mostly.

Ghost mannequin service:

It’s tactics done by Photoshop to express clothing product image on a right dimension. It also called photo manipulation. Clipping Path Malaysia is the fastest growing Ghost Mannequin Service provider in Asia. Our graphic designers helps to take a product image to life applying this effect. The manipulation is done by completing some complex task like neck joint, bottom joint, sleeves joint etc.

Color Correction:

color correction service is a well-known image editing process which makes the image colors more actual and well balanced. For example, you can make the light red to deep red or create a good balance. You have to do this task properly by following various options of image editing. This kind of image editing service increase the image quality, attraction and vitality.
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