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Welcome to ClippingPix.com, where the art of image manipulation comes to life. Our Image Manipulation Service is your gateway to transforming ordinary visuals into extraordinary masterpieces. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to enhance your portfolio, an e-commerce entrepreneur aiming to make your product images shine, or an individual seeking to create stunning personal photos, our team of skilled experts is here to bring your vision to reality. Explore the endless possibilities with ClippingPix, and let your images tell stories that captivate and inspire.

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Leave Your Image Editing Post-Production To Us And Find The Time To Focus On Your Own Business

Explore our Clipping Path Services and discover how we can transform your images into captivating works of art, where every curve and contour is meticulously refined. Join us in this journey to redefine visual excellence!

At Clipping Pix.com, we understand the significance of presenting images that captivate and convey your intended message effectively. Our clipping path specialists employ their keen eye for detail and advanced software tools to create sharp, well-defined edges that enhance the visual impact of your visuals. Whether you’re looking to remove the background, isolate elements, or create intricate designs, our dedicated team is committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Image Manipulation Samples

Image Manipulation Before After Sample Image
Image Manipulation Before After Sample Image
Image Manipulation Before After Sample Image
Image Manipulation Service


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Why choose Clipping Pix.com?

  • Best Quality

    When this is the matter of quality, we say “Quality is in our top priority”, because quality simply cannot be compromised. We control the image post-production quality in several steps. You can rely on our expert team. Use “Free Quote” to get a completed sample image.

  • Best Price

    Comparing other companies, we are offering you the image editing services at the cheapest price. Our price starts at 0.39$ only! Our expert team and work efficiency environment makes our company more productive. So, we can offer you the cheapest price.

  • Delivery on Time

    We understand how important it is to deliver your edited images on time. You can just relax because our huge production capability ensures your images are edited and uploaded on time!

More About Image Manipulation Service

What is Image Manipulation Service?

Image manipulation is the process of transforming or altering a photograph through the use of various methods and techniques to achieve the desired results. Some image manipulations are regarded as skilled artwork. Some photo manipulations are considered an art form depending on the application and intent because they involve the creation of unique images in some cases. Whether your photo was taken in a dusty location or in poor color, it can be manipulated to look nice and attractive, which will help your business grow. A variety of software applications are available for the digital manipulator.

Image editing refers to anything that can be done to a photograph, whether the image is too bad or has poor color. Image manipulation is often much more obvious than subtle changes to color balance or contrast, and may involve superimposing a head onto a different body or changing the text on a sign.

Adobe Photoshop can be used to apply effects and warp an image to achieve the desired result. The resulting image may bear little or no resemblance to the original photograph. Photo manipulation is now widely recognized as an art form.

Neck Joint

Neck Joint Service is particularly useful for clothing-related items. One of the most popular product image editing techniques in the clothing industry is this service. Using the most recent image editing software, this service removes the model or mannequin from the image of the fashion product, allowing the product image to retain its shape and dimension while providing a natural look. Because image editing is a complex process, it necessitates meticulous attention to detail.

Neck Joint Sample
Photo Retouching Sample Image Before After


While it is impossible to avoid flaws in photography, image retouching services are the best option for resolving them. This service is used to achieve crystalline, brightness, glamour, glassiness, sharpness, and other effects.This service alters an image using different processes. It is subject to picture demand. Image retouching is required in almost every field of photography to blend perfectly into the image.We provide this service with expert hands and create the ideal image for you.

Ghost Mannequin

Fashion retailers literally use the Ghost Mannequin service. This service is a worthy option for displaying clothing. Mannequins are used to create 3D fashion apparel and jewelry effects. The ghost mannequin service removes the mannequin from the inside of the garments. Only the more appealing product will be visible. The Ghost Mannequin service gives the product the right dimension, giving customers an idea of what it looks like while wearing the product.

Ghost Mannequin Before After Sample Image

How we do Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is the process of altering or enhancing digital images to achieve desired visual effects. This can be done using various software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or online image editors. Common image manipulation techniques include resizing, cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, applying filters, retouching, and combining multiple images. Whether for creative purposes or to enhance the quality of a photograph, image manipulation offers a wide range of possibilities to transform and improve visuals.

At ClippingPix, we understand the significance of visuals in today’s digital age. Our dedicated team is passionate about providing you with tailored image manipulation solutions that meet your unique needs. From background removal and retouching to creative compositions and special effects, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of image editing tasks. Experience the magic of image manipulation with us and watch as your photos undergo a breathtaking transformation. Discover what sets us apart and why clients trust us to turn their images into works of art.

Who Needs Image Manipulation Services Online?

Clipping Path Service

Image Manipulation Services are typically used by individuals and businesses that work with digital images and require precise and professional manipulation of these images. Here are some common users of Image Manipulation Services online:

1. Photographers: Professional photographers often require Image Manipulation Services to remove backgrounds, isolate objects, or create complex compositions. This is especially common in portrait photography and product photography.

2. E-commerce Businesses: E-commerce websites frequently use Image Manipulation Services to create consistent and appealing product images. Removing backgrounds and enhancing product details can improve the visual appeal of their products.

3. Graphic Designers: Graphic designers often need image masking to create visually stunning graphics, advertisements, and marketing materials. Manipulation allows for precise control over image elements and composition.

4. Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies use image masking to create compelling advertisements. This can involve isolating products or people and placing them in different backgrounds or settings.

5. Web Developers: Web developers may use image manipulation to optimize website performance by removing unnecessary image elements or backgrounds, reducing file sizes, and improving load times.

6. Print Media Companies: Companies involved in print media, such as magazines, brochures, and catalogs, use image masking to ensure high-quality images for their publications.

These are just a few examples, and the need for Image Manipulation Services can arise in various industries and contexts where image manipulation and enhancement are required to achieve specific visual goals. Online image masking services provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for many of these users.


How long do you take to edit 100 images?

Our standard delivery time is 24 Hours!

Whether you have 100 images or 1,000 images, our production capacity is enough to proceed with your images within 24 Hours.

Can i try for free first?

Yes, of course! we offer you an opportunity to justify our production quality before start with an order. You can just click on “Free Quote” button and send us your sample image. we will edit your images following your given instruction and give you back completed image with full Quotation. That will not charge any cost!

How can I order?

If you are a first time user, you can click “Sign Up” button and fill up a very little information to create an account. Once you have an account, you can click “Order Now” or “Free Quote” button and leave us an order.

Can i set monthly payment? Because i have always images to be edited.

Yes, we offer monthly payment plan. Most of our customers are online retailer/Photographer etc…. full month they have images to edit. So is really annoying pay for each order who have images for editing in the whole month!

If you want to make a business partnership with us, our welcoming hand is always raised at you.

I need urgent delivery. Can i get?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent order. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

How can i send my images to you?

When you make an new order you will see a upload box. Upload your images there. You can also share your google drive or dropbox link.

I need urgent delivery. Can i get?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent order. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

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