Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching Services

Jewelry Photo Editing Services
eCommerce Jewelry Photo Editing

eCommerce Jewelry Photo Editing

jewelry photo editing and retouching

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Shadow on Jewelry Photos- jewelry photo editing and retouching

Reflection Shadow on Jewelry Photos

Drop Shadow on Jewelry Photos- jewelry photo editing and retouching

Drop Shadow on Jewelry Photos

Jewelry Photo Background Remove- jewelry photo editing and retouching

Drop Shadow on Jewelry Photos

Enhancing Jewelry Photo Outlook Can Bring Life to Your eCommerce Jewelry Photo & Can Drive More Sales!

For girls, Jewelry is one of the best elements of enhancing beauty. So it must look like a symbol of beauty. E-commerce seller needs such kinds of photos of their jewelry that can draw the attention of their targeted customer. So, Jewelry photo editing and retouching services are important for the eCommerce seller.

As jewelry photo has detailed design so it needs detailed editing. Only photoshoots can’t bring the authentic glamour of jewelry. Jewelry photo needs much more extra enhancement to look attractive. A perfect-looking jewelry photo needs appropriate photo editing and retouching which can bring the actual natural look of the jewelry. Different types of photo editing give different wow-effect on the jewelry photos.

Jewelry Photo Mirror Effect jewelry photo editing and retouching

After shooting a jewelry photo in the studio, at first you need to remove the background. Then, you have to retouch the photo to enhance the natural beauty of the jewelry. Removing dust and unnecessary reflection, adding drop shadow/ Mirror Effects, and so on improve the glamour of jewelry photos. Some photo editing techniques make the jewelry photos ready to beat in the eCommerce platform.

Turn your Jewelry photo into a glamorous eCommerce-friendly photo with our photo editing magic. Clipping Pix provides all kinds of photo editing services for your eCommerce jewelry photos. We have a smart expert team of Adobe Photoshop who is always ready to provide you with the best photo editing services online.

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Our Jewelry Photo Editing & Retouching Services

Jewelry Photo Background Remove

Usually a photographer shoot Jewelry photos in an indoor product photography studio. When a photographer shoot jewelry photos there can be many unwanted objects in the product photo background. To get a better view of the product these unwanted objects must be out and should be removed from the jewelry photo background. So, without background removal, a jewelry pho can lose its attraction.

To remove the Jewelry photo backgrounds Adobe Photoshop is the best software to use. Photoshop has different tools to remove photo backgrounds. Among them, clipping path is the best technique to remove the Jewelry photo backgrounds. To get an accurate result of background removal or background replacement, using ‘Pen Tool’ in Adobe Photoshop can be the best choice.

Removing Jewelry Photo background using ‘Pen Tool’ in Adobe Photoshop is very easy to understand. But doing Clipping Path for removing Jewelry photo backgrounds is a very time-consuming job. If you are a jewelry product photographer or eCommerce seller, you may not have enough time to do this time-consuming job. So, you can easily outsource your jewelry photo background knockout service online. Clipping is one of the most popular outsourcing companies that do jewelry Photo background removal at the most cheap price in the possible shortest time.

Jewelry Photo Retouching

The Jewelry photos for publishing in online stores like_ Amazon, eBay, Lazada, etc. should be looking attractive. Experienced jewelry product seller says that_ “eye-catching jewelry photos can increase the online sale up to 40%”. The percentage is huge, right? So, now we can understand that a good-looking jewelry photo can make a huge impact on online sales!

Amazingly, Jewelry photo retouching can do magic with the images. Adobe Photoshop has many different kinds of tools to edit an image. ‘Jewelry photo retouching’ does not mean a single task. jewelry photo retouching represents many kinds of image editing services. Jewelry photo retouching services include_ Background Clean-up, Background Removal, Color Correction, Dust and Scratch Cleaning, Metal Polishing, Adding Natural Sparks, Diamond and Stone Recoloring, Adding Natural Drop Shadow, Adding Mirror Reflection Effect, Brightness and Contrast Adjustment, Image Manipulation, and many more.

To sell more jewelry products online_ an eCommerce seller must consider retouching jewelry photos before publishing them online for sale. Sometimes jewelry photo retouching can be a burden for a photographer or for an eCommerce seller. In this case, outsourcing jewelry photo retouching services can be the best choice. If you outsource your jewelry photo retouching online, you will save valuable time, and most importantly- You don’t have to be an expert on photo retouching! You can outsource your post-production jewelry photo retouching services from Clipping Clipping offers all kinds of jewelry photo retouching services online!

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry Photo Shadow Creation

Finger ring drop shadow sample image jewelry photo editing and retouching

Most online buyers like to see jewelry photos on a white background and with a natural look. A natural look gives life to an image. Natural-looking jewelry photos can drive more customers to make decisions about purchasing a product. Adding natural drop shadow on a jewelry photo can add extra value to make a jewelry photo more natural.

Adobe Photoshop has some tools that allow the creation of a natural drop shadow. You can improve your jewelry photo quality by adding shadows or creating 3D effects. Adding natural drop shadows on jewelry photos needs an expert hand in Adobe Photoshop. Different type of jewelry photo needs different types of shadow creation.

As a photographer or eCommerce seller, you may not have expertise in Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, adding natural drop shadows needs a creative mind and expertise in photo editing. Don’t worry about that! Clipping offers jewelry photo shadow creation services online. So, you can simply send your jewelry photos to them. Clipping will remove your jewelry photo background and will add white background and natural drop shadow. They will come back to you with your completed within 24 Hours

Jewelry Photo Mirror Effect

mirror effect sample finger ring jewelry photo editing and retouching

Adding a mirror effect to a jewelry photo can add great value to increase online sales. If you add a mirror effect on your jewelry product ( like Diamond Ring, Stone Bracelets, watches, etc), you can get an outstanding eye-catching image that can impress online buyers and lead to purchases.

You can add a mirror effect on your jewelry photo using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has some special tools which can be used to create a mirror effect on jewelry photos. Adding a mirror effect in jewelry photos is not an easy task. If you don’t know how to add a mirror effect to a photo, you can outsource your jewelry photo mirror effect service from Clipping Clipping

has 75+ Adobe Photoshop experts who are always ready to work on the post-production of your images.

Jewelry Photo Enhancement

Jewelry Photo Enhancement and editing

An increase or improvement in quality, value or extent” _means enhancement. So, a jewelry photo enhancement refers – enhancing a jewelry photo to increase value. Researchers say that_ ” An attractive, enhanced photo can increase online sales”. Whether you are a jewelry product photographer or jewelry e-commerce seller, you must enhance your jewelry photo before posting on Amazon or eBay to get more sales.

There are many kinds of photo editing services related to photo enhancement.  Resizing a jewelry photo, Color Adjustment, Color Correction, Adding Drop Shadow or Mirror Effect, Fixing Brightness and Contrast and many other techniques can be applied to an image to enhance a jewelry photo. You can enhance your jewelry photo using the most popular photo editing software named”Adobe Photoshop” available online.

If you are not familiar with Adobe  Photoshop, enhancing jewelry photos can be the toughest job for you! But you don’t have to get panic. There are lots of photo editing service provider companies available online. Among them, Clipping is one of the popular photo editing companies that offer any kind of jewelry photo enhancement services online.

Jewelry Photo  Cut Out  & Background Removal

Jewelry Photo editing service Cutout

An eCommerce seller must create high-quality eCommerce images to get traffic, clicks, and sales. Most online buyer likes to see a jewelry product on white background.  Usually, a RAW Picture taken by a product photographer contains many wanted objects. The RAW image may not be taken on white background. Jewelry photo retouching service includes products cut out from the background and replace the background with white. So, cutting out products from the background is a very important task for jewelry product photo editing and retouching.

Cutout a jewelry product from its background may be done by Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop there is a tool in the left sidebar of the software named ‘ pen tool’. You can use the Pen tool to create a path around the object. Then you can select the created path and can remove the background by clicking the ‘Backspace’ button in the keyword. There are also some other techniques to cut out a jewelry product from Its background.

If you are a product photographer or jewelry eCommerce seller and have thousands of images that need to be cut out service, Clipping can be the best choice for you.

Jewelry Photo Dust and Noise Cleaning

Jewelry Photo editing and retouching Dust Cleaning

When a photographer shoots jewelry photos in the studio he has to face thousands of obstacles. A RAW captured image may contain dust on the product or there can be unwanted objects, dust, spot, or scratches in the jewelry product photo. Though a jewelry product photographer spends his whole day hard work to take the best photo, still there can be some unexpected issues that must be solved before using these photos for the eCommerce platform.

Removing jewelry photo dust, scratches, and unwanted spots is very common in the image post-production industry.  Usually, photo editing service provider company use brush tools in Adobe Photo to remove dust and noise from jewelry photos. There is some automated software available online to beautify product photos,  but sometimes using automation software for removing dust from a jewelry photo can be a disaster. Only an expert human hand can remove dust and noise from jewelry photos in a perfect way.

If you don’t how to remove dust or noise from a jewelry photo, you can outsource your jewelry product photo dust and noise removal online. You can send your dust-covered jewelry photos to Clipping and can focus on your photography or eCommerce business. Because, once your jewelry photos are in our hands, our photoshop expert team will manually remove all dust and scratches one by one. Clipping offers jewelry photo editing and retouching services at an affordable price with a quick turnaround.

eCommerce Jewelry Photo  Editing

eCommerce Jewelry Photo Editing

In last 10 years eCommerce business has grown tremendously. eCommerce business has changed the traditional physical business concept. Now billions of people from all over the world are m9re interested in online shopping. The number is continuously increasing. As eCommerce business is dominating the world trade system, So, eCommerce jewelry photo editing and retouching is one of the most important  part in this industry. Because in eCommerce business,  an online buyer can judge a product by its photo apreance.

Photography, photo editing and eCommerce business are totally different types. But both business has a strong relation. Usually an eCommerce seller sales his product online. To advertise his product he must have some good looking photos of that product. So, he must hire a photographer to photograph his jewelry photos and then send those images to an online based photo editing company who does eCommerce jewelry photo editing. When you get back your jewelry photos edited following the eCommerce image requirements only then you can post your product photos online for sale.

If you are an ecommerce seller then I am pretty sure that you may not like to handle with the ecommerce jewelry photo pist production. Don’t worry, Clipping xan help you with that. Clipping offers all kinds of eCommerce jewelry photo editing and retouching services online with cheap price and quick turnaround.

Jewelry Photo Color Correction

Jwewlry Photo Color Corrections

Once a product photographer shoots jewelry photos in an indoor Studio has to face thousands of obstacles.  Perfect lighting is one of the most important parts during shoot jewelry photos in his studio.

After all the hardworking for to get the perfect lighting, still there can be some problems with the image. The jewelry photo may lose its attractive look for bad lighting. Sometimes the jewelry photo may contain unexpected different color shades. That can change the original look of a jewelry photo. So, before using your photos online you must do jewelry photo color correction to give the original look of the product.

Sadly, Jewelry photo color correction is not an easy job. Only Adobe Photoshop experts can do the best quality jewelry photo color corrections. Clipping has over 75 Adobe Photoshop experts who are highly experts on jewelry photo color corrections. You can outsource your jewelry photo color correction service from Clipping which can save your valuable time and money.


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