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Crisp and Clear Pricing for Each Service

Image editing services are quickly becoming one of the most popular online. There are currently million-dollar transactions on this market. We understand how critical this service is! As a result, Clipping Path Malaysia has entered the image editing industry. We’ve been working with our talented graphic designers to make your life easier. Whatever you want to do with your photos, we’re on the other side ready to help! Though we offer almost all types of image editing services, some of our most popular include_ Clipping Path/Background Remove service; E-Commerce Solution; Drop Shadow; Mirror Effect; Image Masking; Image Manipulation, and so on.

When compared to other companies, we provide the most popular image editing services at the most affordable prices. Our prices begin at only 0.25$! Our expert team and efficient work environment increase the productivity of our company. As a result, we can offer you the best price on the market. Although our basic price starts at $0.25, the price can be adjusted based on the complexity of your image. To edit a single image, you may require two or three services. Custom pricing is required in these cases. However, using “Free Quote” is the best way to find out how much your order will cost in total. Use your free quote to get an exact price for your order.


Our Pricing Table

ServicesSimple ImageMedium Complex ImageComplex ImagesSuper Complex Images
Background Removal Service$ 0.39$ 0.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Clipping Path Service$ 0.39$ 0.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Image Masking Service$ 0.99$ 1.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Drop Shadow/ Mirror Effect Service$ 0.99$ 1.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Photo Retouching Service$ 0.99$ 2.99$ 5.99$ 7.99
Image Manipulation/ Neck-Joint Service$ 0.99$ 2.99$ 5.99$ 7.99
E-Commerce Photo Editing$.39$ 0.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Color Variants/ Color Corrections Service$ 0.99$ 1.99$ 2.99$ 4.99
Vector Conversion $ 7.99$ 12.99$ 19.99$ 20.99
Graphic Design Services$9.99$ 10.99$ 20.99$ 30.99
Video Editing Service$9.99 (Per Minute)$ 10.99 (Per Minute)$ 20.99 (Per Minute)$ 30.99 (Per Minute)

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