Most amazon buyers like to see the product photos on white background. But making a white background is not so much an easy job! You need to do a clipping path in adobe photoshop to remove the photo background and replace it with white background. If you are planning to do this photo post-processing, this can hamper your business a lot or you may not have enough time to do all these jobs. That is why our expert photoshop team is ready to do a clipping path for making your photo white/Transparent background.

Background Remove Service


Background remove service is a technique to remove the entire background or some portions of the image using Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. This process is similar to cutting photos from magazine pages by using scissors but that one is in real-life things and this technique happens by using photoshop software. The photoshop pen tool is used to cut the outline areas of an image and allows us to put White background; Transparent background or any other background in the image. No matter where you take your pictures, you can simply apply a background removal service to your photo and can post online for selling your products. This photo background removal service really helps to increase online sales and generate revenue! If you want to get a perfect edge and finishing outline, this editing service really works and gives a tremendous result at the end of the day.

Background Remove Sample


Image masking is the second alternate technique to clipping path for removing image background; white background; Transparent background etc. In some cases (Ex. hair, fuzzy photo), the clipping path technique cannot be used. Here the technique comes named ‘Photo Masking Service’. To get fine details white background image, image masking can be the easiest skill in adobe photoshop. The photo masking tool takes an input image, masks it, and produces a new image which is a copy of the input image. Though the purpose of image masking and clipping path is the same in real life they use totally two different techniques. For instance, image masking removes the background along with the actuate shape and details of an image.

Image Masking Sample


The drop shadow is an effect often found in catalog photographs, advertising images, and Web pages like Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Daraz. It is created by separating the subject-object from the background and adding a custom shadow. Sometimes the background is deleted, other times it is substituted or modified. Most of the time we first remove the background and then add an artificial shadow effect under the product. Adding a drop shadow in a product image increases the outlook value which helps to sell the product online for the online seller!

Drop Shadow Sample Car
Clipping Path Sample Image

Integrate your photography business with us

Photography is a passion for a photographer. But he has to deal with the same terms and policies when he wants to turn it into his profession.

He has to be concerned about his client’s demands. He must know and understand his perfect client and client’s desires. Standard products in time make clients happy and it means building up trust and relationships with clients. Success will be determined by this point. Perfect work in time is pretty tough. Time is scary when a large number of photos are to edit by the deadline.

Here we are always ready to reduce your workload. Upload your images and give us instructions, we will edit your images and deliver you on time.

Sell your products Online using good-quality images

online is now a platform where people want to find everything they need. Online selling becomes popular cause it saves time and presents huge collections with various qualities of products. But people never buy anything without seeing it. vision plays the most significant role in making decisions whether it’s about buying or other things. Online selling depends on the power of attraction to your customers. And Image can be the most effective via for this task. A qualified image can draw the attention of customers to your product and force them to buy that product. Customers want to judge the product before buying. They want to get the product quality and features through seeing it as well as touching it and holding it but all of those can’t be possible online. But a high-quality image can aid the customers to convey information about the product. The excellent quality of the image of the product grips the customer’s appeal. Spiffy photography and graphics can set up the product alive for the customers. A high-quality image of a product not only allures the customer but also emphasizes buying it. So high-quality images of online selling products play an effective role to boost online selling business. Meaningful image according to your product with high quality can be the best way to progress your online selling business.

Clipping Path Service


How long do you take to edit 100 images?

Our standard delivery time is 24 Hours!

Whether you have 100 images or 1,000 images, our production capacity is enough to proceed with your images within 24 Hours.

Can i try for free first?

Yes, of course! we offer you an opportunity to justify our production quality before start with an order. You can just click on “Free Quote” button and send us your sample image. we will edit your images following your given instruction and give you back completed image with full Quotation. That will not charge any cost!

How can I order?

If you are a first time user, you can click “Sign Up” button and fill up a very little information to create an account. Once you have an account, you can click “Order Now” or “Free Quote” button and leave us an order.

Can i set monthly payment? Because i have always images to be edited.

Yes, we offer monthly payment plan. Most of our customers are online retailer/Photographer etc…. full month they have images to edit. So is really annoying pay for each order who have images for editing in the whole month!

If you want to make a business partnership with us, our welcoming hand is always raised at you.

I need urgent delivery. Can i get?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent order. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

How can i send my images to you?

When you make an new order you will see a upload box. Upload your images there. You can also share your google drive or dropbox link.

I need urgent delivery. Can i get?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent order. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

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