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    Most of the amazon buyers like to see the product photos in white background. But making a white background is not so much easy job! You need to do clipping path in adobe photoshop to remove photo background and replace with white background. If you are planning to do this photo post processing, this can hamper to your business  a lot or you may not have enough time to do all these jobs. That is why our expert photoshop team is ready to do clipping path for making your photo white/Transparent background.

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Clipping Path/Background Remove

Clipping path/background remove is a technique, used in the field of image processing industry to cut out the required picture from its background. The uses of pen tool in Adobe Photoshop allows you to remove a picture from its background. Generally, a photographer/graphic designer generate an image which should be edited before use.

E-Commerce Solution

Whenever you choose an image to be used in your online platform to enhance your business, simply you cannot use the RAW image directly. You need to edit the images first to give it a better look. You need to give a professional look to your images; that will help to attract your customers.

Drop Shadow

Shadow service is a big field of image processing industry. Shadows gives a natural impression to an image. Drop shadow is essential to an image. It makes the sense of depth and texture of the image. Because there are several types of shadow service. In graphic design, a drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of a drawing element which looks like the shadow of an object,

Image Masking

Removing background is a essential image editing part that you need. We normally use Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop to remove background. But in some cases Pen Tool cannot be used to remove background. Specially, which image has blurred or fuzzy edges needs different technique to remove background. As a solution we, clipping Pix, offering image masking service to edit with your images what you need.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation, is an art form of optimizing images. Image manipulation also known as, image editing, which is a buzzword in this 21st century. Images are  not being used directly after taking the photograph. Pictures are optimized and retouched before actually being printed or published to increase the engagement of the audience.

Mirror Effect

Shadow service also includes mirror effect and reflection shadow. A mirror image is a reflected duplication of an object that appears almost identical, but is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the mirror surface. As an optical effect it results from reflection off of substances such as a mirror or water. It is also a concept in geometry and can be used as a conceptualization process for 3-D images.

How we do clipping path?

Our adobe Photoshop professionals use “Pen Tool” to cut out image from its background. It is a step by step process to get a completed image. Using pen tool, experts draw a handmade path around the required object from the basic image. When designer draw clipping path, many anchor point has been created which late gives an accurate shape of the required image. Depends on image resolution and quality, designer draw these anchor point by zooming the image 200%-300%.

Though there are some other similar type of image editing software available in the market to remove background, we do prefer handmade clipping path because only handmade clipping path can give an accurate result. Clipping Pix ensure you our expert production team do not use any “Magic Tool” to edit your image in a short cut way.

Integrate your photography business with us

Photography is a passion for a photographer. But he has to deal it with the some terms and policy when he wants to turn it as his profession.

He has to be concerned about his client demands. He must know and understand his perfect client and client’s desires. Standard products in time makes client happy and it means to build up trust and relationship with client. Success will be determined by this point. Perfect works in time is pretty tough. Time is scary when a large number of photos are to edit in deadline.

Here we are always ready to reduce your work load. Upload your images and give us instruction, we will edit your images and deliver you on time.

Sell your products Online using good quality images

online is now a platform where people want to find everything they need.Online selling becomes popular cause it saves time and presents a huge collections with various qualities of products. But people never buy anything without seeing it. vision plays the most significant role to take decision whatever it’s about buying or other things. In online selling depends on the power of attraction to your customers. And Image can be the most effective via for this task. A qualified image can draw attention of customer to your product and force him to buy that product. Customers want to judge the product before buying.They want to get the product quality and features through seeing it as well as touching it, holding it but all of those can’t be possible in online.But a high quality image can aid the customers to convay the information about the product.An excellent quality of image of the product grips the customer’s appeal. A spiffy photography and graphics can set up the product alive to the customers.A high quality image of product not only allures the customer but also emphasizes to buy it. So high quality images of online selling products play effective role to boost online selling business. Meaningful image according to your product with high quality can be the best way of progress of your online selling business.


How long do you take to edit 100 images?

Our standard delivery time is 24 Hours!

Whether you have 100 images or 1,000 images, our production capacity is enough to proceed with your images within 24 Hours.

Can i try for free first?

Yes, of course! we offer you an opportunity to justify our production quality before start with an order. You can just click on “Free Quote” button and send us your sample image. we will edit your images following your given instruction and give you back completed image with full Quotation. That will not charge any cost!

How can I order?

If you are a first time user, you can click “Sign Up” button and fill up a very little information to create an account. Once you have an account, you can click “Order Now” or “Free Quote” button and leave us an order.

Can i set monthly payment? Because i have always images to be edited.

Yes, we offer monthly payment plan. Most of our customers are online retailer/Photographer etc…. full month they have images to edit. So is really annoying pay for each order who have images for editing in the whole month!

If you want to make a business partnership with us, our welcoming hand is always raised at you.

I need urgent delivery. Can i get?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent order. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

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